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NEWS 2016

2016, 13 March


Design Omar Carraglia

Solemio came about by contemplating and working with natural light. It evokes the colour blue of the sky and the light of the sun.
It is a ray of light that can be directed wherever one wants it.

“There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who, with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into sun.”
Pablo Picasso

Solemio - Lampada da soffitto - davidegroppi

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Design Davide Groppi

“Infinito was designed based on a concept of space. It is a homage to Lucio Fontana.
A thin line cuts through space and defines its volume.
To arrive at this concept, I developed the idea of a light without boundaries. I wanted to express only its essence and poetry.
Infinito, from my way of looking at things, is pure light.”
Davide Groppi

This project was designed using a thin strip of composite material (18 mm in width) that eliminates heat accumulation.
It is a simple LED strip with two tighteners at each end.
Infinito is a system. It is possible to cut the strip to whatever length is desired and position it horizontally or vertically on the wall or on the ceiling.
Infinito is available as white light or with an RGB controlled system.


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Design Davide Groppi

“PoPuP is a project that combines two of my great passions: light and music.
PoPuP gives you the possibility of having “your” music and “your” light wherever and whenever you want it thanks to power furnished by a rechargeable battery.
The technical characteristics of this design make PoPuP quite exceptional compared to the projects we have developed so far with light.
PoPuP creates an exciting musical experience, taking advantage of a wide range of clear, dynamic sounds, while at the same time providing a natural light of incredible allure.”
Davide Groppi

The music you listen to on PoPuP can come from any device via wireless technology.
The light and music have different controls and can function separately.

PoPuP - Lampada da tavolo LED e diffusore audio - davidegroppi

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Dot, Trick Track, Mini

We often talk about lighting in technical terms, but we believe light should not be classified.
The rather “technical” collection we are presenting here is the synthesis of years of experience conceptualising and creating lighting projects.
What we are offering in this collection are tools designed to create light in a practical and functional way: tools of light.
We like the “less is more” approach to generate a certain kind of light. To do this, you need the right instruments, designed and constructed appropriately.
Dot, Trick Track and Mini.
Make it work.